Closure – An Act of Love

She liked closure... closure was kindness and it honoured the ending of whatever direction the relationship was going. She felt that clarity, honesty and respect were the highest forms of love. She felt that One should always be honest, humble, loving, brave and kind. Even in endings ~ no, especially in endings it was important …

Change Ain’t Easy

Change "ain't" easy but it is worth it. It is always internal, never circumstantial and so this is why you have to get REAL with yourself. Let Go, Be Love💙

Passionate Profound

The time is now for passionate, profound, gentle and authentic living. The games are over, the spinning and spiralling are over. The seeking of affirmation from others is over. It is time to accept, love, hold and nourish yourself. I love You.💙 My Morning Coffee

She Went Dancing

She bought the prettiest dress and did her hair. She did all of the things pretty girls are supposed to do. It was fun to dress up and adorn herself.She went with her loveliest friend who she had MUCH in common with and that she had grown so much with. They were divorced around same …