Fiercly Tried To Wear It Well

She found it liberating to reach a point where she realized it was okay that she had not created the fairy tale life THAT she was told she should want. She had been sold on it and was really committed to making it work but she had outgrown it long ago and like a favorite old dress or pair of jeans it just did not fit. Possibly it never had fit but she fiercely tried to wear it well. She realized that she did not need to understand it as she had tried for so long but instead she could let it go… did not require reason it just was. It was more powerful than what she could understand ~ LIFE was more powerful.

She mourned it sometimes as it was a great loss to live for a dream that dissolves like stardust. But she found a freedom in knowing that dreams come and go AND life does go on. Perhaps older and wiser would allow her to next time to let go more easily and allow dreams to move through her. Maybe older wiser she could move on instead of hang on. Certainly Older Wiser she would LOVE and accept others but her self as well for she realized now that she did not owe anybody her whole entire self ~ she did not owe anybody a Life Time AND she would not live life at war with herself.


She moved forward now curious, willing, open to what life would bring her and open to what she would bring life. A delightful never ending story was life indeed.

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