Are You Sad?

The question came ~ are you lonely, alone, sad…..or just on a search of being one with yourself, nature, and your children?

She answered quickly without giving it much thought ~ she said “I am seeking, searching and have always been that way.  Sometimes it feels like I have a sad, old, inner soul but it could also be a wild, excited inner child that is scrambling to burst through and find its way out.”

She had always been in dialogue and prayer with nature – since she was very young…….its who she was.

Perhaps the sadness was that it had been stuffed and questioned ~ THAT deep, pondering voice.

Maybe it sounded sad because it touched that part of people’s thinking that they too kept buried deep within.

She found that as long as she could be in her depths she could also be in her light.

She did not ride very comfortably in the middle.

AND SO SHE WAS and So She Would be AMAZED BY her Own Voice

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