Detour — Reinvention of the Ghost

There’s a back road I drive down with my girls when I take them to school. It’s rocky. Narrow. Full of holes. Sometimes it’s muddy. A lot of the time it’s muddy. Been a few times after rains that it’s hard to pass. Low gear…the whole nine. When the grater and dirt trucks do come, […]

via Detour — Reinvention of the Ghost

I really appreciate this post from Sam – fully resonates from the perspective of life lessons and also resonates in the very cool way we can teach our children and or plant seeds of healthy thinking.  They will be in this life right?  They will ride these rocky and muddy roads.  We can not insulate them forever.

And because I wanted to share this quote…..I am going to try and insert it in here….for Sam.


Now to figure out how to direct him to it?!


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