And She Will Dance

Dancing would have saved my marriage?  That is a bit STRONG of a statement but maybe.

For the early years of being a mom I NEVER went out.  In a really BAD way I never went out alone ~ sans children.  The more I needed it….at its peak with four boys under 5, the more difficult it became to leave.  My ex husband is a great dad but those were not his best years and I never asserted my needs.Had we gone dancing…had I gone dancing….perhaps the entire energy of our home would have changed BUT I did not.  All I can really say is PLEASE GO DANCING…….or bowling, or walking, or working, or writing…..PLEASE.

Dancing did not happen and I did not save my marriage.  I go dancing now….usually once a month or once every two months.  I go to a pub with local bands and live music and I just take it all in.  It’s good and it feels perfect.  I have been known to go alone and I always come home alone and it just fills me up.  It fills me up with good/DIFFERENT energy than the goodness of being a mom.  I get to feel attractive, youthful and vibrant – EVERYBODY benefits.

Tonight I will go dancing with my good friend.  We have not done this in months as she was away and has recently found the LOVE that she will make stage two of her life with.  I am happy for her…she is amazing ~ we had a great run as two woman, newly connected and both recently divorced.  We are a funny duo – me dark auburn/red-head dancing like a goon barely sitting still all night……her the sweetest blond thing mostly sitting and chatting up the men.  She would always join me on the dance floor but I would be up there long before her waving her over untill she got to that comfort place.  It’s going to be so much fun but with a slightly different flavour.

Will you go dancing?  To save your marriage?  To save your soul?  To keep you vibrant?

DO IT!  Keep celebrating life…we all must. Find that time for you.  PLEASE ..REALLY!

This photo is of my grandpa ~ see that face?  He was the master of celebrating life.


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