Real Writing – The Deep Stuff

This morning I am stealing a moment to work on my bigger writing and MAN IT IS HARD.  It is hard excavating these deeper things when I am not really in the mood to do it but made a committment to myself to do it. Writing about the Divorce and what my life looks like now is ESPECIALLY hard when I have mostly let go .  Do I really want to spend time in the past?Well honeslty – I do and I don’t but the reason I DO is because I so love the layers that peel away as I grow and reflecting in writing is WOW.  Reflecting publicly in writing is DOUBLE wow.  So I DO wins over I DON’T.

Now if only I can grab some time…….you will understand the challenge of that better in the first of my big pieces “My Divorce – How It Looks Now”.  For now I must go retrieve a “boys best friend” from the airport and get ready to fill my tiny little house up with boy energy for the weekend.  5 boys…..400sq ft…..are you ready?  Will you come winter Cliff Jumping?  I will be the one on the side with the expedition backpack full of blankets cringing and hoping that they all chicken out.

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