Take Me If You Dare

“Take me if you dare. If you give me less than love I will kill you”

I found myself scribbling in my journal “Go away…don’t come to me with your crumbs.” I am learning to spot these people more quickly.  I used to look deeper into their heart and see the sweet soul inside AND I still do but please go where you belong in the shallows, I will visit you there but don’t try to be my lover as I live in the depths.

And I found this other scribble “trust her, she does not lead you astray” and I know I am speaking of my own wisdom and my gutt reaction.  She knows what we are dealing with long before I accept it.

I am a passionate woman and I do not want to play at life ~ especially love, in any other way.

In one of my favourite books Lover by David Deida he says “Find a man that will be able to feel that you are not afraid to destroy that which is less than love.”  He also suggests being the kind of woman who says “take me if you dare, if you give me less than love I will KILL you”  Personally I think that is BRILLIANT.

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