Awake And Spent

I am awake and I am spent.  I am spent and I am awake.

I am angry.  The Guilt Project was about moving past guilt to be angry and get it out and I thought I did but I am so angry this very minute and I do not even want to touch the Guilt project and rewrite it.  I wrote it once…I do not want to visit it again.  I am done.

I do not want to revisit the past….I want to get on with this very precious and awesome life in front of me. But more than anything this moment ~ I wish he would go away.  I wish I did not have to work amicably with him.  Right now I will use a word I never use….I think I might hate him.

6 Replies to “Awake And Spent”

  1. I’m sorry☹️. Sometimes feeling the hate is necessary to move past it. We’re all allowed moments where anger takes over. Thinking of you and hoping you’ll find a “lighter” day 🙂.


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