Mixed Feelings & Forgiveness

In a timely way my computer crashed.  Just as I was wrapping up a piece called “fuck it” depicting how and why I was done writing about guilt she just quit on me. I was also pondering the “shoulds” and “should nots” of writing publicly some of the details of my life.  I would never want to disrespect anybody and what if my kids one day read my blog?  I wonder what you think…..this question to my fellow bloggers.  On one hand authentic writing is beautifully supportive and helps people feel less isolated in their reality.  On the other hand it can be too much exposure. I would love to hear from you on this subject.

On a brighter note I started reading a book on Forgiveness.  I think it is the next stage that I am ready for.  Wouldn’t it be so much more beautiful to write about forgiveness….than on guilt. I feel very done carrying my past. I really feel more than ever before ready to LET Go.


12 Replies to “Mixed Feelings & Forgiveness”

    1. Good point and truly we are very open about things….so it would not be a surprise. To be honest one of my concerns is him reading and I found myself wondering if that is where his recent shift to anger came from. Funny he had no interest in reading my writing for decades….but maybe now he is. Another story….that would be.


  1. I debated that a lot but in the end I realized they’re going to need to know one day what really happened. There’s nothing worse than being the only person that didn’t know what was really going on in your family. They’ve asked and I’ve told them I’ll tell them more when they’re 18. I stayed picture-less for a while to stay anonymous but why am I hiding? I didn’t do anything wrong. I also think allowing myself to put things out there like this is very cleansing for me. It helps me with my healing process and it’s also somewhere I don’t have to feel alone. This isn’t something I bring up at parties or any social event. Sometimes people help me and sometime I can help them. If my children find this one day, I will explain it like that.

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  2. I change names in my posts and when I write about specific people/incidents, I simply say ‘someone I know’ or ‘a friend’, whether they be friend or family if they are still alive. I try to do my best to respect the privacy of those I write about, regardless of my comfort in sharing.

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      1. If they discover it long after you’ve gone, I think they’d be interested and excited to see the ‘person’ behind the ‘mom’… I know that when my mom manages to drop the ‘mom mask’, we have a grand time! Sometimes surprisingly so! And if it worries you terribly so, you can always create a post titled “To My Kids”, and put in it whatever explanation you like… then you’ll know that if they DO find it, you’ve had your say about it, lol!

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