The book I’m reading is intense because it was written for people who are dealing with autrocitities that make my situation seem futile. But that’s not very loving is it? My pain and loss is my pain and loss and it is valid … I know this to be true.

As intense as it is I am happy to report that telling your story over and over again is a huge part of finding peace. I gues this is why we write.

hen pecking on my phone is tough… I will be back and writing longer when my computer returns. In the meantime just this ….. Telling our stories is healing.

2 Replies to “Forgiveness”

  1. Yes it is. It helps a lot. I’ve always written out everything. Even when I was younger I was always writing things down in notebooks and journals. I’ve always had to get it out. I’m sure my parents loved nosing in those. Haha.
    I’m always pecking on my phone. That’s why everything I write seems so unpolished but whatever, the point still gets across…right? Keep pecking away, I’ll stick with ya 🙂!

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