You Are Worth IT

This beauty really hit home when it came through my news feed on Facebook.  I have this conversation often with one of my very good friends.  I am intense and I am layered AND I scare the crap out of men.  But it would be such a tragedy if I were to be any other way.  Because this is where the golden nugget of all of us are.  In our intensity is all of our gifts. We can not lay low and thrive.  We can not stay quiet and bring light and love to others.  Can you imagine if everybody kept their gifts hidden?

So I have decided I will continue to be the girl who always shows her light and always shows her shadows TOO soon.  I will only change in that I will give back in a balanced way.  Never putting too much energy into situations that are not a match.  Not because others that don’t match are not worthy but because somebody out there will love me and need me exactly as I am.

You are worth it.

With love…



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