In Privacy Is Our Greatest Gift

via Daily Prompt: Privacy

Do we over share or do we hide behind the notion that we should be private? Naturally open I often wonder if I share too much BUT what would I be if I did not tell my stories?  And what are our best stories?  Our best stories are the ones we lock away deep inside.  Our deepest secrets/our privacy is where people feel connected and less alone in a world with people dying to be seen.  What do you think?  In privacy do we all lose connection?


2 Replies to “In Privacy Is Our Greatest Gift”

  1. I think a lot of it breaks down to fear of acceptance. Free thought and new ideas are usually looked down on (or ignored for the sake of staying mainstream yourself) and people always have something they feel alone on, and being afraid to reach out perpetuates that. I think theres definitely a line to oversharing but I also believe being brave enough to reach out and connect makes us better, smarter and even more courageous.

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