Reality & Writing

I thirst to write and always have but reality does intrude.  Reality of life and children.  Reality of work and chores.  And so every morning with rarely a fail I do write.  I write in my journal and I let it all go down on the paper unfiltered and most of the time illegible.  But its down…its free…its my thought captured and received on the page.  It turns sometimes into lists and schedules but I let it go down however it must go down.  It is a part of my reality although it feels sometimes like reality gets in the way of it.

It is life though…right?  If the interference were not happening there would not be much to write about.  I am musing for you?  No…probably musing for me as my promise to myself to write no matter what forever and ever till the end of all of my days …Amen.

My writing……is like hieroglyphics ~ I really love this definition courtesy of google.

  1. not clear enough to be read.
    “his handwriting is totally illegible”


~ Always With Love

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