Get Up For Your Mama

You better grab the best of your life.  Yes DO IT!


~ Always With Love

3 Replies to “Get Up For Your Mama”

    1. Oh honey…I am and I am not. Things are not going as planned but I am digging deep and learning to let go for real. In a way I am struggling in a big way but somehow I think its the cuspe of where some bigger life answers lay. How are you?


      1. I’ve decided nothing ever goes as planned. I hope they work themselves out for you! Bigger life answers are good. Please share when you figure them out 🙂. I’m sorry you’re struggling but I know you’ll make it through. You’re strong 💪🏻!

        I’m doing well. The kids and I stay busy and I’m content with that for now. Love is a far away place that I’m not wanting to even consider yet. It always seems like too much trouble. I’m content on my own right now, maybe forever. Only time will tell.

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