Power and Questioning

Questioning first even though its second in the title. It is important because everybody who reads me should know that I question everything I think.  Especially lately as I allow growing.

Shall I question power and my theory tonight about power? Perhaps. But only later. For now I will play with believing my own theory.

The story I told myself tonight as I road my bike around this tourist town is that I feel powerful and that I am afraid of this power. The power that I am comfortable to walk alone. The power that I am to be whole and content just me, on my bike, in the present moment taking it all in. I am afraid of this power because I have never known how to stay in it when I am with a man. Tonight I questioned why. Am I afraid its too masculine? Am I afraid there will never be a man that can handle me in it? Am I afraid that if I show my strength nobody will take care of me? Do I really have a choice? Can I actually afford one more day of playing myself down? Is this even a proper paragraph and prose? What did I say about a theory and not questioning it? Hmmmm sounds more like questioning than a theory.

So I have a question to the men. How do you feel about powerful and potent women? And I have a question for the women. Are you a powerful and serious woman? How do you be in that yet still be soft?

I will be what I be… no turning back now but ever curious as I explore this aspect of me.

Tonight photos sans tourists.

~ Always With Love

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