Top Of Knox

I have been active in all ways. Pushing and pushing after years of escaping in between hurting. I am somewhere in the middle and feeling enormously wise, loved and radiant. Its coming from inside and that is something you can never lose.

Top of Knox is rather straight up. Its 40 minutes climbing and mostly steep. It can be done in 30 but I always seem to stop and snap pictures because I usually do it at sunset and its pretty gorgeous. So I am up in 40 and down in 20 but most importantly wiser and more energetic after. Everytime I am faced with me and everytime I am a little different AND often the same but I am able to see me.

 I see me – I see my patterns, my needs and wants, my strength and knowing… I can not escape me on these hard walks up and quiet easy walks down.

Be grateful for life and the lessons. Even the shitty ones that make no sense and feel like just another disappointment. It is but its not…. it always is a lesson even if that lesson is pointing you back to you and filling your own well that maybe you were hoping somebody else would finally contribute into. 

Its YOU baby… all you… all your love shining out of you and all that love reflecting back. TRUST. LIFE. KEEP CLIMBING.

~ Always With Love

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