Hello & Why

Hello – I have been gone quite a long time now. I have been busy and it has been an important time moving mountains, making changes, and perhaps even growing up a little bit.

I am back and I am not sure how but it will come. I will write my way in. I will tell you a thing or two. Maybe it will help or maybe you do not need help but we will heal. We will heal by sharing our stories and breathing life and hope into each other. Just a little bit though… we ALL are responsible to breath our own life… that is how it goes. There is no way around it.

I will take the easy way for a while and share some writing from my Facebook page. I need the time to ease back in AND I have been writing from my heart some good truths and reflections that never went on here.

That was my “hello”. I hope you are doing so beautifully. I have missed here.

And here is my “why” an oldie that I picked for you tonight.

Why do I write about Love? More narrow… why do I write about self love?

It is because self love is the magic. Self love is where we build our resources for giving back. Self love is the place where all of our gifts grow wings and feet. If you can not love yourself what you give is weak, not your full power.

I write about self love not because I have mastered it but rather because I have glimpsed it and understand the importance of cultivating it. I write about self love because I want to inspire it in others. I write about self love because I spent a lifetime looking for my identity through others.

I started writing Letting Go, Being Love to be a better lover, mother and friend. In four years the answer points clearly straight back to me.

Nurture yourself and your gifts will be offered through your example of making the very best of your life.

It is a good one. Life Is. Your life already is incredible.💛

My Morning Coffee

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