You Needed Him To Leave You

You needed him to leave you. Or did you leave him? It really does not matter. Bottom line it happened for your growth. You could not continue there.

When it is time for moving forward it is a powerful force that usually can not be stopped. I am not saying to be easy and flippant in relationships. We must try and sometimes we must fight for love. Often it will be out of balance and you must accept phases where one of you carries the relationship but at a certain point you have to let go.

Life has a life of its own. Trust in a bigger plan. This person came for a reason and parting is required for your growth and happiness. Something bigger is coming, a bigger and better love. This love might be through another but what might be true is that you are coming into loving yourself.

So please my darlings let go and do not be in such a hurry to fill up and fall into another relationship because when you learn to truly love yourself, you will have nothing to fear of whether a thing works out or not. In that powerful place of loving yourself you will also have so much love to give.

~ Always With Love

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