Do Not Forget The Double Rainbow

Before she let fear take her down for the weekend there had been a double rainbow. She had parked at the hill for her walk and the light rain turned to a heavy downpour. She decided to walk anyways and she was rewarded.

After a lot of tears at the resurface of old wounds she found that time had done what it always does – Teaches And Heals and so she wrote to herself on Sunday. It went like this.

Don’t forget the double rainbow and the magic and lessons in that moment.

Let go and let the magic do it’s thing. Let life bring her solutions. Leave it ALL to a higher power. Something bigger is about to happen, bigger than what you are trying to orchestrate.

Stop TRYING so hard, and please my darling STOP being so hard on yourself. You had some rough days, you got filled up with fear and you expressed it in wierd ways but you are okay, it is okay.

You feel down and sad because you expect so much of yourself. You always want to be more somehow. More of something loving, amazing, beautiful and perfect and you already are. You ARE simply because you keep being you. No matter what anybody says you have this fire in you and you never let it die.

You love the people you meet, you see behind the masks they wear and you keep on loving bravely despite your fears of being not lovable and not quite good enough at loving.

Don’t you see it darling? So many people do no look within. You act out but you look within. You always look back to yourself and you keep trying to be love. How many times I have heard you say “what would love do?”. You ask such beautiful questions, enjoy who you are being in this life.

Please my girl remember the double rainbow, the writing that went on the page and seared your heart just after. Most imperative remember the timing of it and the reward for being willing to walk in the rain.

Let go for real darling, trust love for certain sweetie, and know that you have never been more on the right path than you are right now.

She had a way of writing to herself and picking herself off the floor. She was starting to see that it was not the answer to resist her chaotic moments. Without them, with no big downpours – there would be no double rainbows or even sunshine. The contrast was important too.

Let go, be love💙

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