Yak Like Love ❤️ Climbing A Mountain

The hard climb is like the beginning of love new. It requires focus to navigate and it is interesting and exciting. It comes quickly the realization that the view is going to be incredible and worthwhile, you chose this particular climb for a reason and you are climbing together now.

The view at the top is fantastic, better than you expected and you are so grateful for the growing pains and stumbling on the way up. You are glad you never gave up. You made it here together and now you take it all in, soak in the sunshine and love.

Even if its windy at the top you know you made it, you pushed and you climbed the mountain even when it seemed hard and like too big of a journey.

After some time exploring and being in the beauty you start the climb down. It is not nearly as exciting and requires a new kind of focus. On the way up more than once you thought about some of the stretches down knowing they would be hard and you were right. Your legs would be tired, your mind would be tired ~ love and mountains could also drain you and you always had to climb down. Your feet had to land on terra earth, you could not stay on the mountain, real life required you too.

So carefully you would go down. Together you would navigate the terrain, encouraging each other, running ahead sometimes but checking back and checking in. You would need togetherness and space going down. There would be so much to take in.

You would get back to real life and it would seem dull and arduous but you would remember the mountain and you would plan another climb. You would stop at a pretty lake, you would collect ideas and get excited about what next. You would be sore. Perhaps you weren’t conditioned for the climb up the mountain. You would have to love each other through this.

Maybe the pain from the climb would be too much for you or too much for them. Maybe you would massage their sore muscles until your own hands would bleed but nothing would make them become the kind of person who could handle the pain of growth from climbing mountains. You would have to let them go. You would have to save your hands. You would have to move forward until you found the one that would always want to climb mountains with you, always check in on his way down, and bandage your hands when they started to bleed.

The better the view, the harder the climb, the bigger the pain requiring rest in between and also the bigger you will grow wide open.

Find somebody that is strong and embraces and understands the gift of pain. Keep climbing and walking alone until that time comes, eyes forward, eyes open welcoming others along the way, believing in yourself, never being small to fit inside someone’s box.

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