Empathetic Tendencies

She was important ~ her walk, her moment, was important and as simple as that sounds she needed to learn that very simple thing.

She took people in, she could feel them and she was usually confused by how they acted so different from how she could feel them.

She wondered why everybody had to wear costumes and masks INCLUDING the costumes and masks of not wearing a costume or mask but she had to let go of that too. It was not her job to change the world. She was only responsible for herself.

She had always known about this empathetic tendency but light was shining on it more Bright these past couple of weeks. She noticed life was funny that way, shining her light on ways of being that needed observing.

She had always thought it was the heavy things that she picked up on and usually Big feelings with people but recently she had noticed how she pulled away from herself even as she passed people on the street. She would feel them, notice them, greet them and leave herself.

And so she was trying a new way. She was glancing down and keeping her focus. It wasn’t even a big deal, just passing people on the street but IT WAS A BIG deal. It felt different, she felt different, protected, safe but not in a meek way… it was a powerful way. She was important ~ her walk, her moment was important….some people need to learn this.

She thought about her children and how she would say to them when they were little. “Notice peoples faces, observe, be aware, be conscientious, adjust, be kind, be careful, do not offend. Notice, Notice, Notice.” She was second guessing that message but they would have their own journey, they would have to do both I suppose – Notice and Not Notice. They would have to love but let go.

They would have to be an expression of themselves to the Bone and to the Core…. the world would need them just like they needed her AND you, but they would have to notice just the same.

Was the answer in that “keeping of self”, “staying with self” vs. abandoning self. Perhaps in insulating self she could more respectfully Observe others without mixing it all together?

She didn’t really know but it was interesting to think about. Will you find a way to Notice but Not Notice? Can you be you at your Core and Bones?

Let Go, Be Love

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