Muddy River Days

Muddy, river, and SNOWY days actually because that was how we rolled.

They were the crazy “huck finn” boys, as my neighbour named them. Barefoot and climbing trees in the hood and off on adventures to the mountains in between.

When I saw these photos this morning I burst open with joy. These adventures, this childhood of really sinking in to boyhood, it will serve them. I am not entirely sure how but I feel it in my bones.

It is the early morning writing while the kids sleep again. Oldest bro came AGAIN, which fills me up but what really filled me up was our talks last night.

My oldest graduates this year and has no idea what to do. His three years bums in seat, classroom style learning was not long enough. All those years me resisting homeschooling and turns out he loves school. All of MY ideals and values about thinking outside the box plus being entrepreneur and he wants to be an Engineer. In this way I failed him and he is soft about it but he has often said “you should have put us in school”. Last night he said he wishes he did not have such an academic disadvantage. Hard on the momma heart so I quietly agree and disagree. I know he can achieve and I know those gaps can be filled but I also know that this is impossible to see at his age. He has other advantages that will show in time AND when he decides to believe in himself I believe the math will come too.

We do our best mommas and papas. We have no crystal ball as to where they go but hopefully we all look back and smile of the great memories.

We had endless days with friends on the river taking risks and getting muddy. What a beautiful life.

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