Sad But True

Knowing nothing about the single life and knowing I was entering it as a 40 year old woman WITH FOUR children I mentally prepared myself for a life moving forward ALONE.

I know it’s sad but it is true – I told myself often “if you do this, if you let this marriage go, you be prepared to walk alone”.

I did not believe that a man could love and take a chance on a woman in my shoes, perhaps as a casual lover but NEVER to have and to hold.

It was a hard pill to swallow for I had always been a hopeless romantic and so my kids would come first and I would try to be brave and bold/accept my fate.

As you surely know it was not entirely true. People starting over were all around but I had this mental block from this powerful decision I made and I attracted from that low hope/ low value place.

What a shame. What a bunch of wasted time but clearly there were lessons to learn. There always are lessons.

It took my years to learn my value after my marriage ended and I hope it is not the same for you.

Somebody once told me – “you are lucky as you will eliminate many of the deadbeats quickly. It will take a special kind of man to see your value.”

Another great thought was this “whoever gets you gets ALL of you… all of this life and love… all of this crazy love and adventure”.

I hope you will be more kind and forgiving and hopeful than I was. I hope you will tell yourself the good things.

We create what we believe, no way around it.

Let Go, Be Love

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