She Went Dancing

She bought the prettiest dress and did her hair. She did all of the things pretty girls are supposed to do. It was fun to dress up and adorn herself.She went with her loveliest friend who she had MUCH in common with and that she had grown so much with.

They were divorced around same time, had both homeschooled the kids, they were both outdoorsy girls, natural girls, and smart girls.

They were however very different philosophically for very interesting reasons. They evoked a lot of thought in each other and had amazing conversations. Through the ways they had contrast they each got more SOLID in who they were and what they wanted AND the beautiful thing was that they respected each other.

And so they went dancing and she did what she always did…. dance, dance, dance with not much care for who was looking. Her friend did what she always did… danced in between connecting with everybody. She did it so well and so easily but it was hard sometimes to see. It was hard to watch her friend attract the very connections that she craved while philosophically wanting FREEDOM. Yet she danced without a care expressing the essence of freedom while in reality quite craving to be held sweetly in that cozy place.

She could never be simple. She could never just go dancing in her pretty dress. Everything she did always ended in deep thinking and she wondered what it would feel like to be different but she was never going to be different so maybe she would learn to love herself instead.

Let Go, Be Love

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