Self love was not about soldiering on triumphantly not needing anybody.

It was different than that, kind if difficult to explain. It didn’t require being strong and flexing muscles but rather a softening that included accepting the need of love from others.

It would be naive to think one is ever done learning to love better and so forgiveness of self and others was a constant.

Having faith that others might hold her hand a little bit longer was part of self love too. It was okay for her to want a love again of her very own. It was okay for you to want that too.

I leave you this weekend with a lovely song about that road of forgiveness and acceptance. We take a lot of roads to get to where we are meant to be.

On My Way To You

Keep going, never give up, trust the things that are meant to be and also the things that are not.

Let Go, Be Love

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