Writing To My Boy/Man

In one week my oldest boy turns 18 and by the end of the month he will graduate.

He has so much life ahead of him and not a clear specific goal but I believe in him. I believe in him because I trust life. I like where I landed without a plan. I am grateful for my journey including my mistakes and my winding road. In fact it would not be a stretch to say “I love the mistakes and rough roads. It is amazing to have this gift of life.” And so this helps me to believe in him and trust his moving forward.This weekend I will be writing to him. It started with a letter but it has turned into a marathon of pencil to page with my intention to Fill the journal I started when he was born. It got busy after that and so I have a lot to write… I plan to write in BIG LETTERS to fill the pages otherwise I won’t possibly make it. It feels so good to do this, even if he never reads it. I want him to know how much he is loved for exactly who he is right now… TODAY… as a boy/ young man with no title… just as he is BECOMING.

See this is why cultivating self love is so important. If I had not done the work to accept and love myself/ trust life I would be full of anxiety and place that on him as he steps forward in life.

I could go on but as you can imagine I have a lot to write. So I leave you with this:

On this journey of life do not forget yourself. No matter how much you love them, or him, or whomever – always step back and remember who you are AND love who you are. It is not selfish, it is where you draw from as you give back to the world around you.

Happy Weekend

Let Go, Be Loveđź’™

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