Writing Ferociously

I have almost filled a book for my son. I have never set a goal like this before and it has been rewarding and fulfilling. Words pouring out on the page all of the memories, stories and attempts at offering wisdom.

This quote crossed my path out of the blue yesterday and it is fitting.

I am a moments hunter. I’m always searching for those “extraordinary” moments..The ones where time seems to stand still. In my mind I have a collection of them, like a living scrap book that I use when I need motivation, or inspiration, or my faith in humanity restored. And what I’ve learned while hunting these moments is that they’re always happening. In fact they look a hell of a lot like ordinary life.- Jim Willett

I find myself wishing I could give him the wisdom of time but I realize he will have to live, learn and grow in his own way and in his own time.

He is eighteen today and today I became a mother. It goes fast my friends – love them hard.πŸ’™

Let Go, Be Love

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