Gratitude – The Beauty That Is You

Be grateful for the beauty and gift that is you. Don’t just scratch at the surface of it, or rather start there if you need a starting place but then SINK in. Scan through your memories and collect ALL of the beautiful moments and realize you are a bright and shining glorious gift filled with EVERYthing you ever needed to live, love, and light up the people around you💙.

My Morning Coffee

3 Replies to “Gratitude – The Beauty That Is You”

  1. People tend to not appreciate themselves because of the sea situation they are going through which might be understandable because some people fail up to the point where they don’t see any positivity in then which is what the enemy wants but even though that might be the situation they must remember that God is there and all they need to do is to trust in God.

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    1. Faith is a powerful thing. Whether we call the same thing God, there will always be a spirit so powerful that will indeed hold us and get us through. I do believe it takes effort that can come from the inspiration that comes when we are on our knees. I feel a lesson I needed to learn was that self love would be something I would have to work for by rising up to be the gifts given to me.

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad that you have your faith to hold you💛🙏🏼


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