Nourish & Encourage

And the day came where she woke up and realized she had always loved everybody else first. Her new Promise was that she would never leave herself.

Her habit to do this again, and again, and again was powerfully entrenched in her BUT more powerful was the self love she had cultivated over the past short while.

She could no longer put her love into the ones that had left her or were leaving. And she was wiser now, she knew what that looked like. She wasn’t going to wait around for a “maybe”…. she wasn’t going to “pine and ache” over what might have been, should have been, and could have been.

She had herself now and she did not need a boy to take care of but rather a man that could hold her and remind her to always love herself first.

A good man will want that for you….. and you will want that for him BUT you are better off alone that settling for anything less.

And Vice Vera for you beautiful men ~ find a beautiful way to be in love where you nourish and encourage care of self. 💙

Let Go, Be Love

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