Happy Birthday To Me

Proud to be 46 and happy to say “Take me or leave me but never ask me to smile if I aint smilin.💛”

She often seemed sad because she felt you… all of you…even when you could not feel yourself she knew your truth and loved you anyways.

She seemed so serious because she learned very young how much of a gift it was to be alive…this did not mean it was easy and while she loved the idea of being “easy about it all”….she just wasn’t made that way.

You wanted her to lighten up and be brighter but you were asking her to be less of her passion. If she changed you were gonna miss the real light and brightness that came from all of her walking through the dark. You had to take her all in, “as she were” so to speak if you wanted to also see her joyful laughter and beauty.

She was a gift and today was her birthday and she was growing true into all of who she was despite the pull that she be a certain kinda way.

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