Co Parent Christmas

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and festive /or nurturing New Years eve.

I am getting ready to kick back and move into family time. Relaxing this morning and collecting myself after a weekend of more rest than usual.

Our tradition is a simple one and it involves coparenting. I never thought about it before but perhaps it is our night to celebrate that we managed to end our marriage but keep our family.

Christmas Eve the evening we put aside cultural expectations that you ditch the ex and move on is actually our night to come together in gratitude of the four amazing boys we have raised.

I hope you can experience something similar as it truly is a great example of unconditional love and forgiveness.

My Morning Coffee 💙

3 Replies to “Co Parent Christmas”

  1. After 19 years doing Christmas separately, one of my sons asked if we could do Christmas together (out of convenience). I can tell you, I wasn’t excited about it. Not because I dislike their father or can’t be in the same place as him, but because I felt like it would negate the tradition I worked so hard for as a single mom. Thanks for your insight as next year is a new opportunity.

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    1. I can see how you might feel resistant for that reason. We have kept it this way since the beginning and I am often craved the create my own BUT it just never happened. Every year (5 years now)… something inside of me was holding back. Mostly a feeling that I should keep my guard up and not relax into this gathering that is not “our family in that way”… or something elusive, but this year I just surrendered. And we all felt it… I even stayed an extra night… on the couch. We just do this thing uniquely and it is a bonus when it can be a different kind of peaceful. I hope your Christmas went well. Did you end up doing it all together?

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      1. It went well, we did not do it all together and I’m glad for that. With my son getting married to a woman who is also from a split household, they are feeling the pinch of trying to make christmas right for them without having to do five christmases. I feel their struggle. I know that in the future, something will have to give or it won’t be a holiday anyone looks forward to. I’m willing to change some and am thinking about what that might look like. Thanks for sharing.

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