Worthwhile Moments

Did it make you smile? Did you go further and laugh out loud? Were the conversations real? Did you bleed just a little bit? Well now you see... those are the moments worthwhile. Keep living this way. It is a good life. 💙 My Morning Coffee

In Front Of You

That freedom you are looking for is in the moment you slow down and notice the beautiful thing right in front of you. My Morning Coffee

Your Light

At the end of the day it was only her capacity to let the love in that mattered. End of story. My Morning Coffee

Embrace Unusual

Maybe God gave you this gift, this adventure, this unique and rare opportunity because he knew you would make it into something beautiful. Perhaps it was time to embrace that there was nothing usual about you and now it was time to move forward bravely, quietly, calmly AND answering only to yourself. What will you …

Forgiveness Is Sweet

Forgiveness allows you to return to who and how you were before the injury. At first you will wear armour, next you will think you have dropped your guards entirely only to find defences where you once were soft. You will want to drop those guards too but it won’t be easy to know for …

Be Gold Coins

We do this crazy thing of being afraid to becomes big yet something inside of us is always trying to break free and be our most beautiful self. Be Gold coins darlings. Don’t knot it up at the base of your spine. I know the world has told you too many times to “keep it …

In A Field

There is always so much more going on than one can see. So much underlying in everything. And so we have humanity which is why this is one of my favourite Rumi quotes. In a field one will always find forgiveness.💛 My Morning Coffee