All Love, All Letting Go

I feel a deepness and another layer of healing. A new love came and went and I chose not to let it scar me nor harden me. It was more fate and lessons bringing me to the most powerful loving me that I never dreamed I could become.  It is inside. You give it. You …

Found, Shared ~ Moments Indeed

I love when I come across something I wrote and I love it so much I want to share it again.  I am not sure it ever made to my blog.  It is all about moments you know....

Simple Beauty

Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere. It was often in the things undecorated and authentic. Sometimes it was even the most lovely as it was dying. Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere.


Shine Even When You Feel Dull And Shabby Dull And Shabby ~ You  Are That Too BUT The World Needs You To Be Shiny, Even In That We need to see all of you.....the world wants to see all of you.