Sitting In Sadness

She had learned that is was not about staying in sadness and reliving every terrible thing she had ever experienced. Nor was it about speeding past the pain so quickly moving into the next moment that she missed the lessons all together. Somewhere in between she discovered this space where she could feel into life …

Year Of Action

I was missing for a year or more, poking in occasionally, posting vaguely a little bit of this and that. I was busy, it was a year of action with some distraction and new heartache/heart break but it was A LOT of everything that I needed to grow/grow up/take a stance and choose to LIVE …


She had created a ritual of loving herself every morning. It was a lot of nurturing, truth and acceptance through writing. She called it her "morning coffee".

You Know Your Heart

Only you know the answers for you. Only you know your timing for healing. Observe others but at the end of the day grow into becoming a person that knows the right thing by what is in your heart.💛