What kind of seeds will you plant? What kind of beauty will you see? What will you create? My Morning Coffee💛

Stay In It

When something in you stirs and it feels like a carefree joy, stay in it, follow it, and be open. You will always have your responsibilities and you have always stood there taking care of everything. Now is a moment in time for you. Take in the delight and receive all of this ABUNDANT life. …

Worthwhile Moments

Did it make you smile? Did you go further and laugh out loud? Were the conversations real? Did you bleed just a little bit? Well now you see... those are the moments worthwhile. Keep living this way. It is a good life. 💙 My Morning Coffee

In Front Of You

That freedom you are looking for is in the moment you slow down and notice the beautiful thing right in front of you. My Morning Coffee

Your Light

At the end of the day it was only her capacity to let the love in that mattered. End of story. My Morning Coffee