Taking It In

She would take it all IN. Breathe into the changes. Stretch into the tension. Above all else she would TRUST herself. She had to Trust herself.

She Still Believed In LOVE

She still believed in LOVE. But it was different than her younger version of that beautiful gift. She would still take chances. She would be always be open. She had learned that love was in her AND she could never lose for loving.

Return The Dreamer

Return The Dreamer Sputtering, Spinning, and Skidding Walking through the fire anyways. In the intensity of so many changes the past and futured blurred together. She couldnt really see. She was flying blindly following her heart. Hoping her heart indeed knew the way. She wasn't going to plan her life this time. She had done …

She Fell Into Silence

On Fridays and Saturdays she reached deep for truth of all kinds ~ happy, sad, brave and loving. On Sundays she shared pictures of the sky. But she had been silent, heavy, out of sorts ~ at a loss for words with no interest in pretty pictures. You see she had done something brave. She had faced …

Are You Sad?

The question came ~ are you lonely, alone, sad.....or just on a search of being one with yourself, nature, and your children? She answered quickly without giving it much thought ~ she said "I am seeking, searching and have always been that way. ¬†Sometimes it feels like I have a sad, old, inner soul but …


She didn't need to try to be a BIG DEAL. She just was sometimes while other times she was not and it really did not matter. She found it to be quite a brilliant realization.   be YOURSELF.