What Can You Say? SKY

Are You Sad?

The question came ~ are you lonely, alone, sad.....or just on a search of being one with yourself, nature, and your children? She answered quickly without giving it much thought ~ she said "I am seeking, searching and have always been that way.  Sometimes it feels like I have a sad, old, inner soul but …


She didn't need to try to be a BIG DEAL. She just was sometimes while other times she was not and it really did not matter. She found it to be quite a brilliant realization.   be YOURSELF.

Blazing Sun

The sun came out to show its warmth and light. It was not shy, it was not timid and it did not hold back. It made her warm and warmed all of those around her. And so she said "YES". She said "YES" to love. "YES" to romance. "YES" to wanting more in life. The …