Yup Letting Go

Letting go has been a theme I am forever intrigued by as you can see by these Facebook posts. And yes I do have a Facebook page if you want to gander over. In fact... it is my favourite place to write. Let Go, Be Love

How Rich?

We never know how high we have built our walls... even if we think we are self aware... the breaking down brick by brick and stone by stone can reveal both ugly things and shiny jewels...we must be prepared for both and we must trust that it will be worth having explored. How rich do …

Why Self Love

Why do I write about Love? More narrow... why do I write about self love? It is because self love is the magic. Self love is where we build our resources for giving back. Self love is the place where all of our gifts grow wings and feet. If you can not love yourself what …

Not By Accident

The magic days... are never by accident nor is the photo that turns up on the camera when your mind is open to the beauty. Let Go, Be Love