Change Ain’t Easy

Change "ain't" easy but it is worth it. It is always internal, never circumstantial and so this is why you have to get REAL with yourself. Let Go, Be Love💙

Passionate Profound

The time is now for passionate, profound, gentle and authentic living. The games are over, the spinning and spiralling are over. The seeking of affirmation from others is over. It is time to accept, love, hold and nourish yourself. I love You.💙 My Morning Coffee

She Went Dancing

She bought the prettiest dress and did her hair. She did all of the things pretty girls are supposed to do. It was fun to dress up and adorn herself.She went with her loveliest friend who she had MUCH in common with and that she had grown so much with. They were divorced around same …

In A Box

You will never fit in a box if you have never been particularly typical. So save your energy darling, you MUST save your energy. No matter what you see going on around you that seems more of something you should be that you are not - more funny, more pretty, more classy, more sophisticated... whatever …

Let People, Let You Go

I truly believe things like this... that not everyone is your people... whether it is friends or lover. I always believe you should keep walking until you find the places you belong because when you find those places you bloom. All of the gifts god gave you become MORE and in this life you become …