Fiercly Tried To Wear It Well

She found it liberating to reach a point where she realized it was okay that she had not created the fairy tale life THAT she was told she should want. She had been sold on it and was really committed to making it work but she had outgrown it long ago and like a favorite …

Say, Do, Be

But tomorrow she would smile from her soul and move like she was in love. She would find her center and say, do, and be what she had to say, do, and be.

Raw Ache

Eventually all of her dreams would collide with all of her realities and she would feel great pain in corners where she did not wish to see.  She'd been told that hitting rock bottom was a gift, being ripped open was necessary to be renewed, reborn and redirected to the right path. It's just she …

More Than Face Value

Finding drafts from two years ago is fun.....maybe I will catch the blogging bug. She had always felt more, seen more and percieved more than what was obvious and clearly stated. It made life complicated but she could never quiet those senses that were her gift. She started to wonder why she had ever tried.