Fall Away

All of these leaves will shed from this tree, one by one falling away, or otherwise taken down in a gust, gentle breeze and possibly one big blow out. Either way all of these parts of her will fall away. Renewal. Let Go, Be Love

Colourful Sky

An amazing colourful sky, stormy but bright, layered with reasons..... forever she will keep on keeping on creating her story. She hopes you will too. My Morning Coffee💛

Fall Away

We fall away We let go We must We have no choice Life is like this 💛💛💛 It is not easy But we get better at it And beautiful things come They always do My Morning Coffee

Inspired Action vs Drama

A lovely friend would always talk about inspired action which required stillness first. It was a tricky balance because she could get very still and she could become stagnant. She could sit too long pondering it all. On the contrary she could blast from thing to thing rather frantically and turn every possibility into a …

You Are Magic

Maybe another layer of self love is saving your intimacy and investing your time primarily with the people who are just as excited about you, as you have learned to be about yourself. And so your self love makes things a bit trickier because when you are no longer “luke warm” about yourself you no …

Life Happening 💙

I have always been a lover of ebb and flow. I like the quiet time reflecting and then I like the rapid movement of life changing. Fresh life, vibrant energy that I liken to Summer followed by Winter reflection and rest. Allow for the ebb and flow including the Winters that happen in Summer, including …

What Will You Do?

Will you hang on and for how long? When will you understand how short this life can be? When will you choose the thing that brings light and colour AND the thing that flows naturally? When will you give up on the notion that it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be a …