In A Field

There is always so much more going on than one can see. So much underlying in everything. And so we have humanity which is why this is one of my favourite Rumi quotes. In a field one will always find forgiveness.💛 My Morning Coffee

Sad But True

Knowing nothing about the single life and knowing I was entering it as a 40 year old woman WITH FOUR children I mentally prepared myself for a life moving forward ALONE. I know it's sad but it is true - I told myself often "if you do this, if you let this marriage go, you …

You Are Not Ready

She found this is draft from October 2016 ~ he still is NOT dating but she no longer felt guilty about her need to move on. She knew that she deserved love and intimacy. She knew his reasons for a different focus and she respected those reasons. She knew it had nothing to do with …

Year Of Action

I was missing for a year or more, poking in occasionally, posting vaguely a little bit of this and that. I was busy, it was a year of action with some distraction and new heartache/heart break but it was A LOT of everything that I needed to grow/grow up/take a stance and choose to LIVE …

Self Love First

This is the kind of love you should be.... not everyday for nobody is perfect but striving.... always striving to be this lover and take this kind of lover for your own. Love should always liberate❤️ ~ Always With Love