Shine Even When You Feel Dull And Shabby Dull And Shabby ~ You  Are That Too BUT The World Needs You To Be Shiny, Even In That We need to see all of you.....the world wants to see all of you.  

Sitting In Sadness

It was difficult some days when all was silent and the demands on her time were gone.  The distractions and constant chatter of life drowned out so much of her feeling of being lost.  She knew it was important and wise to sit in the sadness but it hurt to feel so flailing, falling and …

The Kids Are OKAY!

When a couple decide or consider the possibility of ending their marriage the first thoughts, fears, apprehensions and concerns are for the children. The thing that is imperative to realize is that it is not the divorce nor ending that affects the children but rather the relationship they witness. Further it is the choices the …

Blooming, Death and Dormancy

She had learned about the cycles and seasons in life. She would delight always in the Blooming. Accept with curiosity the necessary Death. And of course, Embrace the required Dormancy. Life had seasons. Years had seasons. Everything always Bloomed again.

Collecting Her SELF

Collecting herself, her ideas, and her JOY. She could move forward with more love and truth for everybody, than she ever could Giving Untill She Could No Longer Breathe