Next Best Stage💛

Home from holidays and happy to be here.💛 You SEE... The next best stage is coming. The next most beautiful stage. With work, friends, love and family. Life is about to get magical and beautiful. Even more than it is now. Be Ready. My Morning Coffee

You Choose To Do

The lupin seed blows in from who knows where and sinks into the steep slope where nothing else is growing. It takes roots anyways and grows, and blooms.... despite what anybody says would be easier ground. So shall you take root, grow and Bloom in whatever you choose to do. Let Go, Be Love

It Is In You

More than ever I am coming to understand the expression "you are Love". It has never been outside of you....that does not mean you remain isolated and only finding your strength inward. You can still lean on others and lift others up BUT the is not is in you and all around. Let …

An End

It was symbolically beautiful to be on the last pages of a full journal days before the year ended.  The very journal that I started in 2016 ending exactly in 2017 the night before that symbolic end.  And the ending of that journal feels truly like an end to some of the parts of me …

Fuck This Shit

I wrote this before all of the whining of the past couple of posts.  Healing and moving on is cyclical.  So much happened since I wrote this BUT this – this is a part of the story and part of the journey and must go down on the page. Here it is: You know I AM …