Two Voices

The voices of the world and then the voices in your soul. You will get to choose which one you listen to and so find your way to yourself. No matter what it takes because this is where your power is and this is precisely where you will heal and then thrive. My Morning Coffee

Next Best Stage💛

Home from holidays and happy to be here.💛 You SEE... The next best stage is coming. The next most beautiful stage. With work, friends, love and family. Life is about to get magical and beautiful. Even more than it is now. Be Ready. My Morning Coffee

A Little Low

Somethings went down differently than I had hoped and I am feeling a little low. But LOW doesn’t scare me the way it once did. I know it is necessary, required, and real. I know that I will have to take chances and risks. I know that I will fail. I know my heart will …

That Wind

That wind insisting on change, it can be a gentle breeze or stormy and relentless. Sunny calm days will bring rest and release. The seasons will change. This too shall pass. Life will go on. Let Go, Be Love

Nourish & Encourage

And the day came where she woke up and realized she had always loved everybody else first. Her new Promise was that she would never leave herself. Her habit to do this again, and again, and again was powerfully entrenched in her BUT more powerful was the self love she had cultivated over the past …

The Wind Insists

The wind would have none of her staying the same. It would move through her insisting she change her mind about all of the things she held so tightly to. You see we are not meant to stay the same. We are meant to stumble, fall, get up, walk on and sometimes even fly. You …