Next Best Stage💛

Home from holidays and happy to be here.💛 You SEE... The next best stage is coming. The next most beautiful stage. With work, friends, love and family. Life is about to get magical and beautiful. Even more than it is now. Be Ready. My Morning Coffee

When It’s Raining

When it's raining or cold and all the world stays inside, that is when nature will meet you and delight you the most. It never ceases to amaze me those lovely and beautiful moments where nature has the chance to be louder than the people. This tree is all in bloom now and the tourists …

A Beautiful Garden

Collect experiences - as in people and places, then hold them forever in your heart. This is how you make your life a beautiful garden vs a barren field.

You Know Your Heart

Only you know the answers for you. Only you know your timing for healing. Observe others but at the end of the day grow into becoming a person that knows the right thing by what is in your heart.💛

To Do List Of Becoming

Beauty Love Bliss Goddess Sexy Alluring Healthy Attracting Attractive Abundant Financially healthy Healing Healer Writing Supported Embraced Held in love Loved Admired Worthy of effort Humble Human Woman Feminine Soft Feisty Powerful Strong Surrendered