Sexy Sky

She wasn't sure what about this sky was particularly sexy but she wanted to call this one "sexy sky" and so she did.


Ripping Her Apart

Sometimes she felt like the world would rip her apart. Her whole life she had tried to fit in while her whirling, swirling soul sang songs of madness and passion. Yet she knew, she knew the madness was her gift. She knew everybody felt the same only some a little less and some a little …

Clinging To Words

She clung to words as if they could save her and she believed that they could. Words she had written and words by others were oxygen AND she needed them to keep going. She found they whispered to her while she walked and rambled about. If she was still for too long they had nothing …

She Did This Thing

She terrified her friends with this thing she did with a big open heart. How could she go wrong? She preferred to embrace and fall in love with all of the moments and all of the people who were meant to take her breath away. She had always been this way.

Dirt Roads

She was always on the hunt for new dirt roads. She liked them best when they twisted and turned. The glimpse around a corner always inspired her to go a little further.

Follow Your Heart

For a long time she was terrified by what her heart was telling her. Sometimes she still let her head TRY to talk her heart out of the possibilities. THE thing WAS she had one of those screaming kind of hearts that couldn't stand to lose AND so she bravely stepped into the unknown.