Everyday Life

And then the morning will unexpectedly greet you like this. Not a mountain peak, or a majestic river, nor an ocean view or an exotic jungle but rather a gorgeous sunrise in an alley on a Winter day. The real things from your everyday life. πŸ’™ My Morning Coffee

Embrace The Stillness

You have to embrace the stillness and the seasons which isn’t going to be easy in this fast paced, instant gratification world but it is still true that you must follow Nature. You will have to tuck yourself in for many cold nights. You will be frozen and still and quiet but its not stagnation, …

Not By Accident

The magic days... are never by accident nor is the photo that turns up on the camera when your mind is open to the beauty. Let Go, Be Love

Fall Away

We fall away We let go We must We have no choice Life is like this πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› It is not easy But we get better at it And beautiful things come They always do My Morning Coffee

Happy Birthday To Me

Proud to be 46 and happy to say β€œTake me or leave me but never ask me to smile if I aint smilin.πŸ’›β€ She often seemed sad because she felt you... all of you...even when you could not feel yourself she knew your truth and loved you anyways. She seemed so serious because she learned …

What Will You Do?

Will you hang on and for how long? When will you understand how short this life can be? When will you choose the thing that brings light and colour AND the thing that flows naturally? When will you give up on the notion that it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be a …