Hold This Beautiful Life In Your Hands

Things shift when you least expect them to. Something inside of you changes. Something really big lifts off your shoulders. The past and all the stories you go over and over with a fine tooth comb, the need to talk about them dissipates AND letting go of the things you once clung tightly to is …

Embrace The Stillness

You have to embrace the stillness and the seasons which isn’t going to be easy in this fast paced, instant gratification world but it is still true that you must follow Nature. You will have to tuck yourself in for many cold nights. You will be frozen and still and quiet but its not stagnation, …

Why Self Love

Why do I write about Love? More narrow... why do I write about self love? It is because self love is the magic. Self love is where we build our resources for giving back. Self love is the place where all of our gifts grow wings and feet. If you can not love yourself what …

Fall Away

All of these leaves will shed from this tree, one by one falling away, or otherwise taken down in a gust, gentle breeze and possibly one big blow out. Either way all of these parts of her will fall away. Renewal. Let Go, Be Love

Colourful Sky

An amazing colourful sky, stormy but bright, layered with reasons..... forever she will keep on keeping on creating her story. She hopes you will too. My Morning CoffeeπŸ’›

Fall Away

We fall away We let go We must We have no choice Life is like this πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› It is not easy But we get better at it And beautiful things come They always do My Morning Coffee