You Are Worth IT

This beauty really hit home when it came through my news feed on Facebook.  I have this conversation often with one of my very good friends.  I am intense and I am layered AND I scare the crap out of men.  But it would be such a tragedy if I were to be any other …


Simplify – ButterflyFlutterBEEMoth

I do this life in Waves. Always have. Waves of emotion and waves of being wise. I do grow wiser... it's certainly true but then life is before me again with a new challenge. I have to say as a "thinker"... I've always been one their is a huge letting go that happens as I move through my fourties. It's not the end... it's the journey. For some this might translate to as it's not the boyfriend, house, car but for me a thinker it's different. The end for me means clarity and wisdom. There is no end to that either sooooo fuck it. Okay now... well at least some of the time. Yee seekers ....will always seek just make sure you're laughing and dancing in between.

But I Am Ready

But I am ready.  I truly am.  I am ready to let go of being miserable, alone and lonely.  I am ready to embrace the things that are GOOD that come to me without the following sense of dread and guilt.  Life is short isnt it? Let me be open for REAL.  Let me LET …

OUCH a Year

I have been writing...honestly I have...just not on here.  I am never quite sure how to bring my writing "here".  I do this often with blogs....I change my course and then drop the blog.  Letting Go, Being Love?  I am still trying to be that but the focus on ease and attracting and focusing on …

Simple Beauty

Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere. It was often in the things undecorated and authentic. Sometimes it was even the most lovely as it was dying. Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere.

Blooming, Death and Dormancy

She had learned about the cycles and seasons in life. She would delight always in the Blooming. Accept with curiosity the necessary Death. And of course, Embrace the required Dormancy. Life had seasons. Years had seasons. Everything always Bloomed again.

Collecting Her SELF

Collecting herself, her ideas, and her JOY. She could move forward with more love and truth for everybody, than she ever could Giving Untill She Could No Longer Breathe