Open Heart

She decided that nobody was ever going to change the way she loved. She would easily walk away from investing further when she needed to. She would surround herself with the ones that were warm and could exchange and do the dance of lifting each other up. The hurts along the way would become less …

You Know Your Heart

Only you know the answers for you. Only you know your timing for healing. Observe others but at the end of the day grow into becoming a person that knows the right thing by what is in your heart.đź’›

Simplify – ButterflyFlutterBEEMoth

I do this life in Waves. Always have. Waves of emotion and waves of being wise. I do grow wiser... it's certainly true but then life is before me again with a new challenge. I have to say as a "thinker"... I've always been one their is a huge letting go that happens as I move through my fourties. It's not the end... it's the journey. For some this might translate to as it's not the boyfriend, house, car but for me a thinker it's different. The end for me means clarity and wisdom. There is no end to that either sooooo fuck it. Okay now... well at least some of the time. Yee seekers ....will always seek just make sure you're laughing and dancing in between.

Choosing Me

I have amazing beautiful friends but one in particular is often in awe of my big heart and simultaneously terrified of what I will do next. Today she said "I am feeling motherly and so what about the thing I said? You've apparently not given any thought to my earlier suggestion that you seriously invest …

Coming Around

Something was shifting and she could feel herself coming around. She was coming up with fresh eyes and a deeper love, light and understanding. Every ending is a new beginning. Every rose has it's thorns. Always there is light at the end of the tunnel. Something was shifting and she could feel herself coming around. Soon she would …

Simple Beauty

Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere. It was often in the things undecorated and authentic. Sometimes it was even the most lovely as it was dying. Beauty was simple. She could find it anywhere.